Monday, March 31, 2008

The Bridesmaid Dress!

After a long quest to find cute aqua/ turquoise bridesmaid dresses and determining that the "Pool" dresses from David's Bridal were just not our thing (I wasn't crazy about the color the girls weren't crazy about the cut), I've finally found THE dresses. I give you...

I love the color! It's so summery and feminine and the price is right. It's by a chiffon dress from Nordstrom by Maggie London in "Clear Pacific".

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Invitations... apparently they "set the tone" for the entire event. I thought I didn't care very much about what the invites look liked until I walked into DayDreams and saw all of the beautiful colors, styles, and embellishments!

I choose a pocket fold style in matte turquoise, light metallic tangerine, and matte ecru. And the crowning touch... a metallic Starfish. So pretty!

None of these are my invite -- but you get the idea...

Wedding Coordinator- La Bella Weddings and Events

I met with my Wedding Coordinator, Carlee Jimenez for La Bella Weddings and Events, this weekend. She's new to the industry, so I got her for a steal! I'm so excited to have her as my "Day Of" Coordinator.

Carlee's "Day of Services" Include"-

Pre Wedding -Reviewing vendor contracts and conformation of requested services, organizing vent delivery/arrival times, collecting floor plans, creating wedding day timeline and distributing timeline to vendors.

Ceremony - Coordinating with all vendors, organizing wedding party for their entrance, directing guests, and collecting personal items.

Reception –Coordinating with all vendors, setting up of guest book table, gift table, decor, place cards, etc., maintaining the night's timeline, distributing final payments to vendor, and gathering personal items.

You can reach Carlee at

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I booked a videographer, Jason Johnson of Bandini Productions.

I was debating whether of not to get a videographer, but I'm REALLY glad I booked Jason I know I'll always treasure my wedding video.

Our ceremony site where Jason will be filming our vows...

The Menu!

We tasted and choose our Wedding Menu this weekend...

Cocktail hour will include various cheeses, sausages, and meats as well as bruschetta.

For the dinner:
- The appetizer course will be Tomato Caprece
- The salad course will be Tropical Salad with mango and coconut
- The main course will be a choice of Salmon or Vegetarian Crepes
- The dessert will be Wedding Cake


Our ballroom, the Terazza, decorated for a wedding dinner.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

150 days to go

As of today we have 150 days until the BIG DAY! I can't wait for the wedding to get here but I still have a lot to do. This weekend I'm going to San Diego to work on several wedding activities. As of next week I will know:
- The Menu
- The Tuxes
- The Coordinator
- The Videographer
- The Bridesmaid dress
- The MOB Dress
- The Inviations

Stay tuned for posts on those!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Engagement Annoucement

As someone who has never subscribed to a daily (or even weekly) newspaper, I can't help but feel that newspaper Engagement Announcements are antiquated in the digital age. Maybe they are, or maybe I think this because I'm a big city Los Angelino, and if I lived in smaller town I'd think Engagement Announcements were a bigger deal.

Internet Engagement Announcements don't seem to make any more sense, but regardless, I submitted our Engagement Announcement to San Diego Style Weddings (online) and they posted it!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rehearsal Dinner

I've been working with Marianne (Jonathan's Mom) on plans for the rehearsal dinner. She hired Gerardo's (this great little Mexican catering company) to do the food and we're going to have it at my parent's home.

We're thinking of doing a Mexican Fiesta theme. That way I will incorporate the two quintessential San Diego elements into my Wedding Weekend (Beach/Ocean for the wedding and Mexico for the Rehearsal Dinner). I don't think that the Wedding Theme and the Rehearsal Dinner Theme need to match (or even should match). Agree?

I'm excited for the Rehearsal Dinner because I get to have a fun and relaxed evening in Jamul with all my closest friends and family on the eve of the BIG day.

Honeymoon in Hawaii

Can you tell that I’m ready for a vacation? Between wedding planning, moving into our new Condo, and working/traveling full time, sometimes I can’t help but wish today was Aug 18th and we were in Hawaii (but that would mean the wedding is over, so scratch that...)

We decided to take our Honeymoon in Maui. We toyed with idea of the Conrad Hilton in the Madives but we decided that an 18 hour flight followed by a prop plane to the island was just not our thing. The resort looks amazing though (check it out at Hilton Maldives). Then my Dad said something about the Maldives having terrorists (blah blah dangerous place blah blah extremists blah blah … I wasn’t really listening), so that I was definitely out.

So we decided on the Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa on Maui. The best part is that it’s a Hilton property so I can pay with POINTS (thank you consulting firm)!

The Grand Wailea is situated on 40 beautifully landscaped acres and opens onto Maui's gorgeous Wailea Beach, voted one of the best beaches in America. The resort offers an array of amenities including a world class spa, acres of pools, rivers and waterslides, and beachfront access.

Try not to be envious…. Hehehe…

Click to photos to enlarge

Photos courtesy of

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wedding Hair Styles

I'm very excited that my good friend (and Hair Stylist) Carey Bear is going to do my hair for the wedding. I'm going in for a consultation with her in a few weeks. In preparation for that, I put together a list of hairstyles that I like and I think would look good with my dress and veil.

Thoughts to consider: My dress is really dramatic so I think I need a half-up/half-down hair style to make it a bit more romantic. My veil is short with crystals at the end, the the hairstyle needs to work with a short veil as well. My hair isn't particularly thick (unlike some of the hair models bel0w), so what hair style can my hair even "pull off."

Below are a few of the half-up hair styles that I like. Take a look and let me know what you think:

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