Saturday, February 2, 2008

You Can't Always Get What you Want

I have a wedding budget of just over average for a California wedding, so you'd think that would pretty much cover all of my wedding dreams and fantasies... WRONG.

In reading wedding blogs I've also decided that I want (but cannot have due to budgetary constraints):
- Chiavari Chairs - Those gorgeous suckas rent for like $8 a chair. I'll just have to use the hotel chairs, whatever, they're nice.
- Professional Lighting - Initials on the dancefloor and lighting to make it look like a Vegas club, sigh... I think the regular ballroom lighting and candles will be fine
- A ridiculous amount of flowers - Those giant tree-like centerpieces are so pretty, but $150+ for something that dies the next day.
- Matching professional stationary for menus, place cards, etc. - I think this makes a great DIY project (I'm actually excited to do this one)
- Colored linens - You know you can buy napkins and tablecloths for just a bit more than you can rent them for? Lame. Oh well, the white comes with the venue are elegant and crisp.

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