Wednesday, August 27, 2008

DIY Projects - Escort Cards and Favors

Two of the biggest DIY projects that I undertook in the weeks leading up to the wedding were my the Escort Cards and Favors.

The Sunday before the Wedding I held a "Wine & Wedding Crafts" Party and with help from my Mom, Laurel, Pat, Sarah, Michelle, and Nikki we got a ton of wedding DIY stuff done. It was a great time and the products turned out great.

Escort Cards

The Escort Cards were 3 inch White Pencil Starfish With business card sied tags indicating the person's name and table. The turquoise or tangerine ribbon indicated their meal selection (crepes or salmon). I made the cards in Word using Honey Script font and had them printed on ivory cardstock at Kinkos. I really like the way they turned out!


Instead of favors we did donations to Alzheimer's Association and gave people a Sand dollar to signify that donation at their place setting.

The text read:
"A dollar for them, a dollar for you
For each of our wedding guests we've donated a dollar to Alzheimer's Association. We chose Alzheimer's Association in memory of Kirsten's Grandpa Jack and in support of Jonathan's Fraternity Philanthropy.
Thank you for being a part of our lives and for sharing our special day with us."

We also had these printed up at Kinkos and they looked beautiful on the cyan card stock. I bought the Sand Dollars from and we tied the tags to them with raffia ribbon.

We're now Mr. & Mrs!

It's been a while since I blogged -- but don't worry I'm back with DIY Details, Pre-Wedding Drama Storiues, Wedding Pictures, Honeymoon Pictures, Vendor Reviews, and more!

I'll explain the drama that occured the week before the wedding that prevented me from blogging in a future post. It's a good story, trust me.

I will say that the wedding was fantastic. I really was one of the best days of my life and our ceremony was amazing -- one of the most spiritual and emotional experiences I've ever had.

Here's a teaser pic of Jonathan and I and some members our our Wedding Party:

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Bachelorette Party in Santa Barbara

I can only write so much here without violating the non-disclosure agreement (kidding)... but last weekend I had an amazing time celebrating the end of my single-girl life in Santa Barbara with my favorite ladies in the world!

We went on a wine tasting limo tour of Santa Ynez on Saturday AM/early afternoon. Saturday afternoon we played games at the Fess Parker Doubletree. Saturday night we hit State Street for a bar crawl. And Sunday AM we capped it off with Brunch at Sharkeez. It was an awesome time.

Here are some pics of the weekend:

Some inside jokes for the ladies who were there: Dolphin, "full bar", 30-point turn, clown on a bike, road side pit stop, overheating, what IS Fiesta, spills, limo cabs, and"is the bride pretty in to it?"

License to Wed

Today we got our marriage license! It was actually surprisingly easy. I filled out an online application and then we had to pick up the License at a Registrar-Recorder County Clerk office.

The closest Recorder to us was the Florence/Firestone Recorder's Office in Compton (7807 Compton Avenue). It neighborhood was pretty ghetto, but the office was nice and the staff was friendly. We were the only white people in the place, but we live in Long Beach so we're used to that. And Compton doesn't intimidate us since we spent the best four years of our lives in South Central LA (Go Trojans!).

The highlight was that the license cost $70 and they didn't take credit cards so while standing in line Jonathan and I managed to come up for $70 in mainly $1s, $5s, and a couple of $10s (don't ask why we had so many small bills). The Recorder must have thought we were run-a-ways emptying our piggy banks to pay for the license... but I'm sure she's seen stranger things working in Compton.

So the State of California officially says we can wed! Now the license just needs to be signed by the Pastor and we're officially hitched! It's really happening...

Here's the happy couple with the Marriage License in Compton:

Friday, August 1, 2008

New Obsession: Manically tracking the weather until the Wedding

It's officially August and we're getting married in 15 days! Which means our wedding date is very close to being part of the "10 day forecast." Here is the month forecast:

Given the trending this year is should be in the mid-70s. After my Mom and I went venue-hunting on August 14th last year is was about 90 degrees and she was really worried. But my worry is that it will be cloudy, or worse, rainy! I just want it to be Sunny!

PS- It's going to be a full moon! Cool!

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