Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dresses They Will Actually Wear Again?

It’s almost obligatory for a Bride to say to her Bridesmaids, regarding their Bridesmaid dresses, “Oh! You could totally wear this dress again!” But it’s a rare Brdesmaid that ever wears said Bridesmaid dress again (usually because it’s a pink, taffeta, nightmare of a dress with awkwardly placed bows on it someplace). However, as a bride I am on a quest to find dresses that could potentially be worn again by my Bridesmaids.

When my friend, Laurel, got married in October she let us pick our own dress from J.Crew in the color Espresso. I’ll fess up that I was worried that it might look weird, but it looked REALLY good. AND I even wore my dress out on the town a few times before the wedding because I liked it so much (much to my Mother’s dismay… she was appalled that I’d wear the dress before the wedding and risk ruining it).

So I’ve been thinking about matching the color (ocean blue/turquoise) and material of the Bridesmaid Dresses but letting the girls pick their style. Right now I have two options on the table…

1) Siri. Their styles are classic, adorable, and fun. Below are my favorite Siri styles. All of them come in Shantung material in the color ocean (see below, the Yale dress is in Shantung- ocean). I’m not sure 100% if the Bridesmaids would necessarily wear these again (I mean how many occasions do you have to wear an ocean blue party dress?), but at least the girls would feel more comfortable if they got to pick their own style for their figure.

(Click to enlarge)

2) Two Birds Bridesmaid. These dresses come in a “one size” with directions for how to wrap it in over 10 ways. You can do strapless, backless, sleeved, halter, etc. The material looks really comfortable and I love idea of many ways to wrap the same dress (they have a nice turquoise color as well). I feel like bridesmaid would definitely wear these dresses again because they are so versatile. My only concerns are a) formality (they look a bit casual) and b) is the dresses really fit as well as the company says that they do. Check out the colors below and the models wearing them. They are all wearing the same dress wrapped in a different style and it looks really matched without being “matchy-matchy."

(click to enlarge)

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