Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fiesta Rehearsal Dinner Inspiration

For our Wedding Rehearsal Dinner, we're having a Mexican Fiesta at my parents house. Even though I'm not Mexican, I did grow up in house that you can see Mexico from and I love Mexican culture, art, and of course, food!

I put together this inspiration board for our Fiesta Rehearsal Dinner:

Here are the ideas I have for our Fiesta Rehearsal Dinner:

Food - Authentic Mexican Caterering from Gerardos (booked!)
Drinks - Margaritas and Buckets of Mexican Beer
Table Decor - Red table linens, cactus plants, chili peppers, candles, red flowers
General Decor - Mexican Wedding Banners, red paper lantern, Mexican blankets, sombreros

I really wish I could get down to Mexico before the wedding to buy some of fun Mexican items. Hmmm... day trip anyone?


Jamie and Craig said...

Cutest blog ever! How do you make your "inspiration boards"?

Jamie and Craig said...

Thanks so much! And congrats on your wedding. Looks like its going to turn out GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see those pics! LOL sorry is that weird? haha

Cheers to you! Enjoy your special day!


Wenni Donna said...

Pretty useful information on rehearsal dinner shoot. I am arranging my nephew’s wedding and have booked one of elegant San Francisco venues. This information has helped me in doing dinner arrangements to perfection.

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