Wednesday, June 4, 2008

LIGHTS, camera, action!

I'm always looking for new and creative ways to totally break my wedding budget... hence this week's obsession with wedding reception lighting.

(side bar: It's kind of funny how each wedding vendor will tell you that their wedding detail is THE thing will make THE impact on your wedding look and feel. The florist says it the flowers, the band says its the music, the chair people say it's the chairs (I hope its not), the statationary store says its the invitations, and the AV people say its the lighting.)

I have visions of spotlights, uplighting, dance floor washes, and monograms/logos projected on the wall.:

Well all of that went out the window when I came down to earth EXCEPT uplights. Uplights are about $25 a light so for just a couple hundred dollars you can totally transform the mood of the room with lighting. I'm thinking of doing turquoise uplighting. It will complement the orange glow of the chandeliers, wall lights, and chandeliers AND will make the room awash in my favorite couple. Do you think this would look or should I stick with a warmer color?

1 comment:

ingrid said...

we're probably going to get a custom gobo light from i can let you know how it goes after our wedding.

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