Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Think I have Emotional Issues

Maybe it’s the stress or the fact that getting married is an emotional time in a girls life, but I flew to Chicago this weekend and on the plane I wrote letters to my bridesmaids and my parents to give to them at the rehearsal dinner. I got pretty choked up writing my letter to Laurel (my MOH) and I full-on cried writing my letter my Mom and Dad. I know that I’m a crier (which is getting worse with age, not better!), but this is ridiculous.

I guess emotional issues run in the family. My Mom cries at sentimental commercials and don’t even get me started about her during a sad movie). My Dad told me already that my Grandma is going to cry non-stop at the wedding and he’s worried he’s gonna cry during his song.

I’m worried that I’m going to bawling during my wedding ceremony. My one saving grace is that adrenaline makes it hard to cry and I think I’ll have a ton of adrenaline pumping during my wedding. If I do cry I hope I don’t make an “ugly cry face”. See example below (courtesy of Mrs. Lovebug from

Any suggestions for how NOT to cry at my wedding?

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D & Lo said...

I think I cried more in the 4 months leading up to my wedding than the 4 years prior, put together... but maybe I got it all out because, as you may recall, everyone else up there was losing it and I managed to just stay misty. Besides, you're cute when you get teary - it just makes your eyes look bluer :)

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