Tuesday, July 1, 2008

You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby

Spending the week in San Diego by myself has given me lots of spare time to:

a. Work
b. Drink my parent's expensive wine (I mean the cheap stuff)
c. Work on wedding stuff
d. Scan a ridiculous amount of childhood photos of myself so I can use them for wedding stuff
e. All of the above

If you guessed E, you are correct. And if you guessed E and mainly D, you get a bonus point. Get up and get yourself a cookie, you deserve it.

I spent all of last night combing through photo albums and I managed to scan and save 70 photos of my childhood. Thanks to my future Mom-in-law I already had 200+ scanned baby pictures of him. So now my plans for adorable baby pics of us on the guest book table and a slide show at the Rehearsal dinner can come to life!

Here is a preview of our young lives:

Age >1, age 3, age 5, and age 17.

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