Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Gifts

This is definitely something I could not blog about before the wedding... the Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Gifts.

Here's a picture of the gifts all wrapped up... can you guess what they are?

The Groomsmen got mongramed money clips/wallets that be bought on You can never tell with guys, but I think the guys liked them.

The Bridesmaids got engraved wine decanters from Crate & Barrel. The engraving was a small "8.16.08" on the back. I also wrote each girl a letter. I think the girls really liked them as well and hopefully they get some good use out of them.

My Maid of Honor was a special case since she's leaving for the Peace Corps very soon and really has no need for wine decanter. So I bought her a water-purifying water bottle from Katadyn. I think it is pretty slick and it could definitely come handy while hiking or serving in the Peace Corps in South America.

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