Friday, April 11, 2008

Bridesmaid Profile: Michelle


Nicknames: Michi, Michelle My Belle, Dogg

How we met: Early on in third grade, I thought Michelle was the prettiest girl in the third grade and wanted to befriend her (she hates when I tell that story)

Favorite memories: Toilet papering a friend ours’ house and then caught because of a 7-11 surveillance camera when were 16, having “dates” at El Torito, and Rockstar Summer of 2002 (where we partied like Rockstars and lived to tell about it).

Why I love Michelle:
She’s the sweetest, kindest, future civil litigator I know. She’s “had my back since day one” (like in the 7th grade where she slapped a boy who did me wrong) and I know she’ll always have my back.

Some pictures of us over the years in San Diego and LA:

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