Thursday, April 3, 2008

Honeymoon Saved from ATA Bankruptcy Disaster

I woke up today, watched the morning news, and saw that the airline we'd booked for our Honeymoon, ATA, was bankrupt and no longer flying. Ahhh.. suddenly we had no flights for our Honeymoon!

I searched high and low for free flights and cheep fares, finding that flights to Hawaii were over $1000 dollars. I panicked! Just when I thought I'd have to cough up 2K to fly to Hawaii, my parents came through with two free American Airlines Vouchers! Now I owe them free Southwest Airlines tickets for the rest of my life, but it's worth it to take our dream honeymoon. Disaster averted. Thanks Mom and Dad!

I just can't help but feeling bad for all the people stranded in Hawaii or all of the people's Honeymoons that the ATA bankruptcy did ruin.


Jonathan Greer said...

Thanks Jan and Peter!

ingrid said...

oh that's great you were able to get free tickets! we had to buy new tickets for our honeymoon as well since Aloha also went out of business.

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