Monday, April 28, 2008

Hawaiian Luau Themed Wedding Shower

My Bridal Shower is just six weeks away! Katie (who's known me since I was born) is hostessing and confirmed that she's sending the invites today. Woo hoo... let the parties begin!

The theme is Hawaii (since we're Honeymooning in Hawaii and it's a festive theme). I think it will have a bit of vintage twist. I'm not sure what all Katie and some of my BMs are planning, but one thing I do know is there will be Mai Tais and Pupu platters! Yum!

I'm so excited that I made an inspiration board based on what I imagine a vintage Hawaiian Luau Themed Bridal Shower to look like...

1 comment:

ingrid said...

nice! i love all your inspiration boards! :)

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