Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bridesmaid Profile: Megan


Megs, Megan J, MJ

How we met: First week at USC in the dorms but didn’t become friends until I October of Freshman year when my computer broke and Megan let me use hers. From that week on, we were pretty much inseparable.

Favorite memories: Spring Break 2003 (a classy tour of Rosarito and Las Vegas), being 9-0 twins, and living it up as roommates post-college in the South Bay (too many great memories to list)

Why I love Megan: Megan is so fun to be with and we always have a blast together. She was an awesome roommate for three years and I miss her already :-(. And she is brutally honest (she will tell you when she doesn’t like your outfit, but on the flip side you know she’s telling the truth when she says that you look cute).

And finally, some pictures of Megan and I over the years:

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