Thursday, May 29, 2008

Unity Sand Ceremony

In many Christian wedding ceremonies a unity candle is used to symbolize the uniting of two people and two families into one. Instead of doing the traditional unity candle:

I really like the symbolism of this event so we've decided to use "Unity Sand" instead. Unity Sand goes well with out beach theme and will be a lot easier since we're getting married out doors. In my quest to find a Unity Sand on the Internet, this is what I found:

I liked the nautilus shell ideal but I worried that people in the back wouldn't be able to see the sand or the shells would just look like white blobs in the picture. So I opted for two small Hurricane Vases and one large one. Like this:

Yesterday in a mini - "omg I have so much stuff to procure before the wedding" - freak out I went to Michael's (which, on a separate note, has THE ugliest wedding stuff ever) and bought the Hurricane Vases and sand. At home I have raffia ribbon and small sand dollars which I'm going tie around them.

Yay, one project is almost done! And bonus, the vases will look great in the condo after the wedding!

Next project on the docket: procuring hundreds of sand dollars and starfish for favors, decoration, and placecards.


Erika said...


I actually came across your blog when searching for wording for our wedding favor donation. Like you, we are incorporating sand dollars as well. Your "A dollar for you. A dollar for them" phrasing is a great idea! Did you decide to go with that, or did you choose to do something else? We're still playing around with the idea. As easy as it may sound, it really is hard to come up with some clever sayings!

Best of luck on your upcoming wedding!

Kirs10LA said...

Yes, we are still doing the Sand Dollar favors and I think the wording is going to be "A dollar for you, a dollar for them. For each of our wedding guests we've donated a dollar to Alzheimer's Association. Thank you for being a part of our lives and for sharing our special day with us."
-- you are right! wording is hard!

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