Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Engagement Pics Preview

A few weeks ago we did our official engagement pictures with our amazing Photographer, Kim Irons. Despite it being a record-setting heat day for a Los Angeles Spring, we had a fantastic time with her shooting around downtown Long Beach and at the beach in Long Beach (we even stopped for a beer in the middle). And from what I can see so far, the pictures turned out fantastic. I can't wait for Kim to shoot our wedding!

Here is one of pictures that Kim's let us preview:

You can see a few more pictures of us on her blog at:

I'll post more when we get the whole package from her.

Engagement pictures were definitely something that I thought about cutting but I'm so glad we did them. Here is why you should do Engagement pictures:
1. It gave our photographer, Kim and a great chance to get to know us and see how we photograph (apparently I blink a lot)
2. It was a really fun and intimate experience for Jonathan and me
3. We have some really fun and artistic shots of us to use in our home, at the wedding, etc.

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