Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Many Job Titles of Girl Planning Her Wedding

Fact: The average wedding can take more than two hundred fifty hours to plan

I think I should be able to put wedding planning on my resume. During the past nine months (and for the next three months) my responsibilities could fit into any of the follow job titles:
- Wedding coordinator (duh)
- Event Planner (duh)
- Travel Agent (flight, hotels, rental cars, airport pick-ups)
- Personal Shopper & Stylist (Bridesmaid dresses, Mothers dresses, registry, etc.)
- Project Manager (I do have a wedding workplan)
- Decorator (flowers, placecards, oh my)
- Conflict Mediator (aren’t families the best?!)
- Accountant (I’m managing a bigger budget than I’ve ever managed at work!)
- Etiquette Advisor (You can just call me “Kirsten Post”)
- Administrative Assistant (mailing lettings, writing checks, filing contracts)

AND on top of all that I’ve held a full time job.

OK – I’m done tooting my own horn :-). I'm going to go update my resume now.

1 comment:

ingrid said...

haha! nice post. wedding planning is quite a job. i have a few more for you!
location scout
data analyst (comparing vendors in excel?)
sales ("yes mom, that is what i really want", "honey, yes we need to have flowers at the wedding")
wedding dress model ;)

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