Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wedding Hair Styles

I'm very excited that my good friend (and Hair Stylist) Carey Bear is going to do my hair for the wedding. I'm going in for a consultation with her in a few weeks. In preparation for that, I put together a list of hairstyles that I like and I think would look good with my dress and veil.

Thoughts to consider: My dress is really dramatic so I think I need a half-up/half-down hair style to make it a bit more romantic. My veil is short with crystals at the end, the the hairstyle needs to work with a short veil as well. My hair isn't particularly thick (unlike some of the hair models bel0w), so what hair style can my hair even "pull off."

Below are a few of the half-up hair styles that I like. Take a look and let me know what you think:


Jonathan Greer said...

I like #8, #4 is cool as well

Sarah said...

I like #8, too. Simple and flowy, you know?

Elizabeth said...

hey chica!

i love them all - too cool that carey is doing your hair! that is going to be so fun:)


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