Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Honeymoon in Hawaii

Can you tell that I’m ready for a vacation? Between wedding planning, moving into our new Condo, and working/traveling full time, sometimes I can’t help but wish today was Aug 18th and we were in Hawaii (but that would mean the wedding is over, so scratch that...)

We decided to take our Honeymoon in Maui. We toyed with idea of the Conrad Hilton in the Madives but we decided that an 18 hour flight followed by a prop plane to the island was just not our thing. The resort looks amazing though (check it out at Hilton Maldives). Then my Dad said something about the Maldives having terrorists (blah blah dangerous place blah blah extremists blah blah … I wasn’t really listening), so that I was definitely out.

So we decided on the Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa on Maui. The best part is that it’s a Hilton property so I can pay with POINTS (thank you consulting firm)!

The Grand Wailea is situated on 40 beautifully landscaped acres and opens onto Maui's gorgeous Wailea Beach, voted one of the best beaches in America. The resort offers an array of amenities including a world class spa, acres of pools, rivers and waterslides, and beachfront access.

Try not to be envious…. Hehehe…

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Erin and Todd said...

thanks for reading my blog!

oh yes! i can't wait for the honeymoon! we just made our final payment and got our final itinerary. the pictures make it so tempting!

Jonathan Greer said...

I can't wait either!

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