Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wedding Coordinator- La Bella Weddings and Events

I met with my Wedding Coordinator, Carlee Jimenez for La Bella Weddings and Events, this weekend. She's new to the industry, so I got her for a steal! I'm so excited to have her as my "Day Of" Coordinator.

Carlee's "Day of Services" Include"-

Pre Wedding -Reviewing vendor contracts and conformation of requested services, organizing vent delivery/arrival times, collecting floor plans, creating wedding day timeline and distributing timeline to vendors.

Ceremony - Coordinating with all vendors, organizing wedding party for their entrance, directing guests, and collecting personal items.

Reception –Coordinating with all vendors, setting up of guest book table, gift table, decor, place cards, etc., maintaining the night's timeline, distributing final payments to vendor, and gathering personal items.

You can reach Carlee at

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hollyram said...

Hi there, I just came across Carlee's website and so I googled her name and found your blog. I'm looking for a wedding planner for my upcoming wedding in April in SD. What would you say about working with Carlee? Thanks! Holly

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